Flower Packaging

We can’t think of anything that’s trickier to package than flowers. Whenever we have this kind of project, we always feel the need to find something that does justice to the supreme beauty of a flower – a task which is far from easy. Additionally, if we bear in mind the fact that flowers have


At our lives’ current pace it is more and more common to find people who consume packaged food and processed or just take-away meals. These last ones have grown the most during the last few years. With the help of technology, ordering home deliveries or take-away food has become a frequent and eve

Beautiful fonts for free, Part II

After the extremely warm welcome our last post recieved about free downloadable fonts, here we are again with more. The first option we bring you today is a font designed by Christopher J. Lee (not to be confused with Dracula) which comes in nothing less than 6 variations: striped, thicker, thinn


Though the hands of Leo Burnett’s agency (Australia) this incredible WWF campaign has been brought to us to make us aware of the plastic and chemical waste of our cleaning products. The idea is based on substituting cleaning products and packaging in the house with alternative and natural packa

Free fonts. Part I

Free fonts are what we are bringing you today. And what is more we have nothing more, nothing less than five of them! They are going to be amazing for your creations. A printed invitation in the feared and hated Comic Sans is no where near the same as using one of these beautiful fonts we are bringi
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