Biodegradable materials to achieve less residual packaging

Packaging and plastic products can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Meanwhile, that slow process is polluting the planet and poisoning our ecosystem. Some of the containers we daily use are the cause of this plastic sea, mostly the disposable ones. They are a major source of pollution, especi


Though the hands of Leo Burnett’s agency (Australia) this incredible WWF campaign has been brought to us to make us aware of the plastic and chemical waste of our cleaning products. The idea is based on substituting cleaning products and packaging in the house with alternative and natural packa

For a child’s smile: SelfPackaging in Cambodia

At SelfPacking, our ecommerce site, we make gift boxes.  It would seem that this is not something that would interest an NGO which aims to help the most disadvantaged children in Cambodia. However, this is not the case. Any contribution is very well recieved in these cases, so without a moments hes

Caring packaging

Packaging created by the Korean studio Unplug design. With this idea, the packaging used by the Red Cross and the UN to send humanitarian aid can be converted, in a fun and entertaining twist, into footballs for kids.