Coca-Cola and its new prototype: Paper bottles

  Macro-companies like Coca-Cola pollute much more than we think. According to the audit of the environmental movement Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) carried out in 2019, this company was for the second consecutive year the most polluting in relation to plastic. That is not surprising, since


Before we start talking about the consequences of this factor, we must really know what it is. Cocooning is a trend named in the 90s by Faith Popcorn, a marketing consultant and trendhunter. It means the pleasure of staying at home, taking refuge and looking for a comfortable environment, away from

5 Trends in cosmetic packaging for 2022

Trends, as time passes, change and evolve with society. In the world of cosmetics it's very important to be up to date in order to create the best products for your consumers. In this post, we'll talk about 5 trends in cosmetics that will help to know what is the current fashion in this sector: &

Space Packaging

Diets on a rocket are very different from the terrestrial ones, and so its respective packaging. Due to the atmospheric conditions we find in the space, products have to be designed to allow a comfortable and practical stay. Packaging is supposed to contain leftovers and not leave crumps floating in