Christmas is approaching! One of the most important times for business, both for large and small companies as it represents very high consumption rates. To reach the consumer through packaging and reinforce your brand communication strategy, it's necessary to be preparing a good strategy together wi

Zero Waste packaging for bulk shopping

Classic food stores have been reborn thanks to current ecological and sustainable trends. Buying in bulk is back and so its countless benefits, whether for the planet, for your health and even for your home.      These stores offer a large selection of legumes, nuts, rice, ce

Space Packaging

Diets on a rocket are very different from the terrestrial ones, and so its respective packaging. Due to the atmospheric conditions we find in the space, products have to be designed to allow a comfortable and practical stay. Packaging is supposed to contain leftovers and not leave crumps floating in

What’s new in cosmetic?

Sustainability reigns in the packaging sector. Aesthetic preferences have been put on the back burner. Today, packaging is governed by social awareness of issues such as climate change, pollution and the reduction of plastics, among others. The move towards environmentally friendly packaging is