Products activated with water and their innovative packaging

Carbon footprint is a measure created to quantify the impact of an activity or product. This environmental indicator is based on the set of greenhouse gases, and it is very practical to be able to study the current situation and be able to create a strategy for reducing or offsetting emissions.


For many years, plastic has been known as just a polluting waste, but the truth goes further. Today’s economy is based on the exploitation of fossil fuels such as oil, one of the largest CO2 emitters on the planet. In other words, the more plastic we make, the more carbon footprint we produce.

After several studies, it has been shown that at least 45% of plastic is destined for packaging use, and around 120,000 million units of cosmetic packaging are produced per year for one-time use. That is why many companies have become aware and, through designs and prototypes, have managed to reduce the use of plastic in their packaging. In this post we can see different studies that have created a packaging that allows reducing a negative impact on the environment, especially in the cosmetics and cleaning sector.


– Form Us With Love creates Forgo brand


This new brand of cosmetics allows you to create the product by mixing the ingredients yourself. Thanks to its innovative design, it eliminates the plastic bottle by replacing it with a paper bag and a glass bottle. By combining the 12 grams of powder inside it with water from the same tap, we get 250 milliliters of hand soap.


By not using plastic for the container and there is no liquid product inside, it provides a less heavy shipment, which leads to a system that reduces the carbon footprint. An alternative and respectful proposal with the planet, in addition to having an impeccable design and aesthetics.



  • By Humankind and its new reusable items

Following the line of personal care products, the New York company By Humankind proposes a series of elements that aims to eliminate plastic through more sustainable and reusable packaging.


At the moment they have three available products in their collection, but only by using them for 12 months, one single person is able to eliminate 2.2kg of plastic waste. In this collection you can find refillable deodorants, dehydrated mouthwashes and a solid shampoo. In addition, they offer refills for deodorant and rinse so that customers do not have to buy new bottles, and thus use the same container for a long time. These refillable containers have a lifetime guarantee, but can be recycled if necessary. A simply perfect idea to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic, since you do not renew the packaging but its content.



Its minimalist design comes in a range of gender-neutral colors, which were selected to be as attractive as possible to everyone. In addition, a simple but functional packaging encourages people to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle thanks to its ease of use.


  • Supublic and the 1N9 Modern Cleaner project

Following asimilar system to that of the first case, the Seoul brand Supublic has designed a series of cleaning products that avoid the mass production of single-use plastic.


It consists of a series of tablets made from non-toxic cleaning agents, which users can dissolve in water to create 430 milliliters of product. As an interesting fact, the name 1N9 refers to the ratio of 10 percent detergent to 90 percent water.

After purchasing the three bottles, consumers can order packet refill tablets. Each container is reusable, reducing impulsive and single-use consumption of plastic bottles and contaminants.


The tablets come in three different versions: the yellow tablet is designed for the bathroom, the orange one for the kitchen, while the blue one is an all-purpose cleaner. Each product comes with its own color-coded bottle with a label, which is also recyclable, and this allows you to see what solution to put in each bottle. The color system is designed to represent different ingredients and natural aromas: yellow that includes coconut and mint, orange that contains lemon and thyme, and blue that contains orange and lavender. A natural and respectful solution with the planet that brings a very positive change to our habits.


Thanks to studies and companies like the ones we have seen previously, a slightly less polluting future is expected and full of hope for eco-friendly products. Still, there is still a long way to go and many habits to eliminate from our daily lives. Although these types of items are not very common in our society, we can make big changes by substituting shampoo bottles for solid soaps, or buying in bulk through reusable bags. Every little action counts!

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