Beautiful fonts for free, Part II

After the extremely warm welcome our last post recieved about free downloadable fonts, here we are again with more. The first option we bring you today is a font designed by Christopher J. Lee (not to be confused with Dracula) which comes in nothing less than 6 variations: striped, thicker, thinn

10 free websites for creating colour palettes

Do you like  designing things but crumble when it comes to deciding what colour goes with what? Don't worry, here we bring you 10 free website for creating colour palettes, or for simply inspiring you with what other users have previously created. At the end of the day, getting your inspiration fro

Paper experiments

At The Dieline we found this very interesting creative exercise carried out by students of packaging at Sylvain Allard: turn a single sheet of white paper in the most original packaging as possible for a bottle. Problems such as marketing or transporting the product were not raised; the only thing
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