Space Packaging

Diets on a rocket are very different from the terrestrial ones, and so its respective packaging. Due to the atmospheric conditions we find in the space, products have to be designed to allow a comfortable and practical stay. Packaging is supposed to contain leftovers and not leave crumps floating in

Banana leaves: Food packaging revolution

Sustainable development goals are booming in all sectors, but especially in the packaging world. Desperate to remedy years and years of improper use of plastic, many companies are changing some habits to make their products look more ecological and natural. We can find several examples in a super

Edible Packaging

Environmental concern is flooding the planet, and this provokes a social implication in favor of recycling. Some multinationals, such as Starbucks, are beginning to have ecologically responsible policies, inclined to encourage reuse. Still, there are others who believe that is not enough. The

Biodegradable materials to achieve less residual packaging

Packaging and plastic products can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Meanwhile, that slow process is polluting the planet and poisoning our ecosystem. Some of the containers we daily use are the cause of this plastic sea, mostly the disposable ones. They are a major source of pollution, especi

Types of print for your packaging

The printing of packaging is a long and difficult subject, so if you intend to start a new business, the choice of packaging can become a real headache to choose all the details. But when it comes to   type of prints, which should you use? We will help you differentiate which ones, with pros and