Biodegradable materials to achieve less residual packaging

Packaging and plastic products can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Meanwhile, that slow process is polluting the planet and poisoning our ecosystem. Some of the containers we daily use are the cause of this plastic sea, mostly the disposable ones. They are a major source of pollution, especi

Types of print for your packaging

The printing of packaging is a long and difficult subject, so if you intend to start a new business, the choice of packaging can become a real headache to choose all the details. But when it comes to   type of prints, which should you use? We will help you differentiate which ones, with pros and

Which Pantone is more suitable for your print?

Have you ever printed some design and the color looked different from the computer? This is due to the incorrect use of color sample. Therefore, when you  start the design it’s important to select which color model you are going to use. We discard RGB and HEX, which are only used on the screen b

The growing trend of smart packaging

Technology is moving forward at a huge pace. Products are better and better, more competitive, healthier and more surprising. For this very reason, packaging cannot get left behind and it needs to evolve, improve and adapt to the new types of products.   This new stage for packaging, whic