Advertising in tertiary packaging


Before we can analyze advertising and design in this type of packaging, we need to know what it is. Tertiary packaging is usually the box that protects the product inside it during a shipment. It may often go unnoticed in the design and production process, but it’s a very important element: It’s the first image that a consumer has of a brand.

When a consumer receives a package, it always experiences a feeling of emotion, followed by the desire to open it and discover the inside. Therefore, the time to create a good impression is very short. We need to invest in good package, because in the end, it helps creating engagement with the customer, expanding the brand’s image and attracting the attention of potential consumers.


SelfPackaging shipping boxes.


Advertising in packaging

Packaging is a very important tool in the purchase decision process. Its design has to be characteristic, and the function goes beyond protecting or preserving a product. It’s necessary to differentiate brands from their competitors, providing special values that impact customers and their consumption habits.

Minions ad on Amazon boxes, whose packaging had always been kraft.


In a world where we are overwhelmed with brands and messages, the best advertising is the one that makes you feel good. Therefore, a way to advertise your brand is to add flashy or personal messages in your shipping boxes.


Packaging designed by SelfPackaging for Project Lobster.


We’ve heard many times that less is more, and we’ll see it clearly in the following example. A simple kraft cardboard box, with a white label and some stickers for a minimal touch. If we add some details such as letters cards inside, we can get loyalty from the customer in a much more effective and direct way. Also, the brand logo must always be visible, because it makes easily recognizable to other potential consumers. 


Gift pack designed by Selfpackaging for Cal Fregues.


When a customer receives a package, it “speaks” on behalf of the brand, brings a tangible image to the identity. Customization helps make a difference against the competition, in addition to providing confidence. That’s why adding advertising to your shipment boxes will give your company visibility, create a greater sense of memory and connect with the customer in a more direct way.

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