Banana leaves: Food packaging revolution

Sustainable development goals are booming in all sectors, but especially in the packaging world. Desperate to remedy years and years of improper use of plastic, many companies are changing some habits to make their products look more ecological and natural.

We can find several examples in a supermarket that demonstrate the involvement of multinationals, trying to empathize with our planet. One of them is Don Simón, who has changed their packaging material by totally recyclable and natural cardboard. 

But Thailand and Vietnam are one step ahead. While we still wrap our fruits or vegetables with plastics and meshes, the Asian continent has devised a plan to avoid certain unnecessary waste: They wrap their products with banana leaves. 



This solution has revolutionized social networks, which marvel the society with the simplicity of the material. Its size is ideal for wrapping food, because they have an elongated shape. In addition, they can be folded and handled comfortably. These leaves can be found in tropical areas during all times of the year, so their use would also be economical. In short, they are natural, resistant and organic; the perfect substitute for plastic in many situations.



It’s not the first time that this material has a gastronomic practice, since in India it has been present much earlier. It’s traditionally used as a plate and even as a method of steaming. Also, in Mexico they use them to wrap tamales. These leaves permeate hot foods with the vitamins of the banana, being beneficial for you and for the planet at the same time. 



Finally, using banana leaves also has a great added value: they are an aesthetic eco-friendly alternative, and also a positive shopping experience. It encourages the consumer to be more aware of being environmentally responsible.  How long will it take to be this trend in our nearest stores?

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