The importance of a Christmas packaging

The versatility of packaging allows to adapt it to every need, in the most creative way possible. Therefore, it is important to know how to take advantage of the different opportunities to make your packaging stand out, especially in magical times as Christmas. As those dates are just around the corner, it’s time to spread the festive spirit with the most original packaging.


Festive packaging of Walkers, potato chip brand


Christmas is one of the most important time for businesses, because it’s usually a season of big sales. That is why packaging plays a very important role, since it’s responsible for attracting attention above its competitors. We can also count on showcases, graphic supports such as posters or advertising stands.


Coca-Cola display in a supermarket


Christmas season campaigns usually starts in November. With the aim of positioning itself, many brands change their products design into red, green or gold colors, with snowflake and glitter prints. This is crucial for those who seek transmitting a festive effect to the consumer. Many others choose to use the images of characters such as Santa Claus, Rudolph “the red-nosed” Reindeer or even a Snowmen.

Christmas-themed Burger King products


It’s important to show that a brand also celebrates these holidays, because it’s directly associated with happiness, friendship, joy… Consumers identify Christmas as something positive, and if they see it reflected in the products they buy, this emotion expands. In addition, if a packaging is changed exclusively for a specific event, the value of the limited edition is added, which makes it even more irresistible.


Nutella containers with Christmas characters


As we’ve seen in several examples, companies that most redesign the packaging are those in the food sector. Even so, there are also others who seize the opportunity. Here are a couple of cases:

Chanel, in a red box with the white logo, with details that simulate snowflakes.


Renova with a special edition of patterned paper and packaging that mimics a gift bow.


Launching products with personalized packaging at special seasons is essential: it creates engagement with the client, a sense of unity between brand and celebration, and generates emotion and proximity. It brings notoriety for consumers, while, at the same time, is being a powerful sales stimulator. They’re all advantages!



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