For a child’s smile: SelfPackaging in Cambodia

At SelfPacking, our ecommerce site, we make gift boxes.  It would seem that this is not something that would interest an NGO which aims to help the most disadvantaged children in Cambodia. However, this is not the case. Any contribution is very well recieved in these cases, so without a moments hesitation, we sent our popcorn boxes on a charming adventure through Southeast Asia.

Por la sonrisa de un niño (For a child’s smile) is an NGO operating in the most devaforised regions of Cambodia, providing food, schooling, hygiene, shelter and ultimately, hope, to thousands of children and their families. With the help of our colleague Ignasi, who actively collaborates with them on a regular basis, we sent over our popcorn boxes so the children could have lots of fun decorating them. By offering the families compensation, they don’t have to send the children to work at water spillways during the holidays. So little for such a big impact…

Here they are having a great time painting our little boxes from SelfPackaging:








You can collaborate with For a child’s smile, by sponsoring them or making a donation. These children and their families will be eternally grateful. You can find all the ways of collaborating here: http://www.psncamboya.org/colabora.htm

These smiles are worth it:








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