Ben Eine, the graffiti artist who won over Louis Vuitton

Today we are bringing you the first great love of Nuria, our most undergound designer. Nuria is a lover of graffiti (being a wonderful graffiti artist herself, a legal artist we should add, as she only paints on permitted walls) and of typography, so her great love we are talking about today was true love at first sight, because it combines both of these things. And when a graffiti artist is comissioned by a brand like Louis Vuitton to design a limited edition of scarves under his name, you have to wonder if there’s something special. Well yes, there is. Ladies and gentleman, we present you, Ben Eine:



This is the design for Louis Vuitton

Ben Eine was born in London in 1970, and it is in this city the majority of his works are found (as well as in Paris and Stockholm, for example).  His characteristic style was born from the necessity he felt to leave his mark or signature (the type of graffiti we find again and again in our cities, with the name of each artist) in a way which would make him stand out from the rest. And this, he achieved. Nowadays he has numerous typographys in his possession, including Shutter, Neon, Elton, Vandalism, Wendy and the most famous of them all, Circus:


 Circus by Ben Eine


In fact, Eine has risen to fame when collaborating with Banksy, the most famous street artist of all time. Producing his work and that of other artists like Jamie Hewlett or Mode2 made him a name for himself in this competitive artistic world, until when in 2008 he decided to go solo. What a great idea, as this prompted his rise to fame, to the point where he was invited to participate in the design of a poster to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International in 2011 and when James Cameron deemed one of his pieces of work to be the best gift for Barack Obama on his first visit to London as president of the United States.
Some examples of his work:
















And there you have our overview of Ben Eine’s artistic journey. Liked it? Found it interesting? Well you already know what to do…share, share and share!

His Instagram: www.instagram.com/einesigns/

His page in the gallery No Walls: www.nowallsgallery.com/artists/ben_eine/

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