Double exhibition, double dose of love. The photographs of Andreas Lie

Double exhibition is a photographic technique which consists of taking two or more shots in one go, with the idea that all the photos will overlap in one single image. With anologue photography it was possible to present the same still a number of times, which was certainly very complicated but the results were spectacular. Few effects have inspired artists as much as the possibility of joining two totally different and distant words together, in one sole clic. In todays post we present you with the great love of our dear Barbara, who as you will know from a previous post, is a huge fan of cinema and photography.

Nowadays, the majority of digital devices already have the option of superimposing two different shots, showing the effect instantly, without needing to be developed. Yes, emotion may have been lost, but efficiency has been gained- and you can’t have it all. The photographer who barbara has talked to us about (many, many times) and who we want to introduce to you today is a Norwegian artist Andreas lie, who has taken this style a step further, whose photos of animals and landscapes have achieved an effect which conveys a certain sadness, a certain melancholy…but whose result is without a doubt amazingly beautiful. Judge for yourself:












We encourage you to launch into it and try it for yourself with your own camera. If you don’t have a suitable device for doing it automatically or the knowledge reuqired to do it with an analogue camera, you can find free tutoriales on the internet to learn how to do it with editing programmes such as Photoshop or GIMP. Go for it!

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