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How many of you knew that Garrofé has published packaging design books? Hmm, not alot, we suppose…

So our boss hasn’t won a booker prize yet, but we’re not far off. He has already had 5 books published, in which the massive hits Structural Packaging, Structural Displays and Structural Greetings can be found. The first, the original, has been translated into English, Italian and even Chinese, with thousands of copies sold. It’s our labour of love:


Structural Packaging has sold almost 100,000 copies all over the world!

The other two are more specific, and as their names suggest one of them contains a huge amount of table display designs, standing on one leg if necessary:


Structural Displays, because PPV matters alot.

The last, which is one we are talking about today, is a complimation of show cards and pop ups, each one more original:


structural-greetings (2)

Structural Greetings, or how to say something in an original way

structural-greetings (1)

The best of them all? It comes with a CD featuring all the models for free: what more could you ask from a packaging book?

And they only tell us now, these people from SelfPackaging, we hear you say. Well, simply out of curiosity, we wanted to explain an anecdote to you: the book Structural Greetings has sold out, out of curiosity we did an online search and we saw it was for sale for more than $200 at second hand! Yes, you heard right. We looked on ebay, amazon and various other shops, to be taken completely by suprise.


So now you know, if you happen to have a copy, treasure it. We, on the other hand, are seriously considering a reprint of the edition… What do you think?

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