Special bottle packaging to attract good luck

The packaging design for a special edition version of a bottle can be the subject of much debate, it all depends on what one wants to transmit: cutting-edge innovation, elegance, modernity, seriousness, fun…

On this occasion, Caburé’s packaging was born from the concept of spreading good luck in the new year which ended in ’13.’ Caburé is the name of a nocturnal bird of prey, which according to popular belief, attracts luck in love, health and games. So this was where the emblem of the concept came from.

The glass bottle is eye-catching due to the simplicity of its rectangular form culminating in a robust glass base, while its transparency magnifies the mature colour of the orujo (brandy originating from Northern Spain). The label accentuates Caburé’s name and silhouete. The lower part features 4 engraved wooden coasters and 3 caburé feathers as a good luck charm.

The creative agency, Calcco, integrated this packaging into a 360 degree communication campaign including website creation, product launch and the filming of the entire conception process: a special 150 bottle edition accompanied by a presentation and unique content.


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