Christmas is approaching! One of the most important times for business, both for large and small companies as it represents very high consumption rates. To reach the consumer through packaging and reinforce your brand communication strategy, it’s necessary to be preparing a good strategy together with a design that breaks all possible expectations. These dates are a great time to innovate in packaging, because gifts start with the packaging itself.

Due to the great rise of the Internet as a means of purchase, we could see how last year online sales increased by 58% during the five days before Christmas. With these high numbers, the holidays last year turned into one of the biggest digital shopping seasons to date.



“The 2020 holiday season has been marked by the pandemic and has forced retailers and brands to innovate rapidly with the introduction of services such as pickup at the store door or shipping,” said Rob Garf, Vice President of Industrial Strategy for Salesforce Retail. That is why, when selling a product both on the shelves and online, it is important to know how to take advantage of the different opportunities to make your packaging stand out, especially in times as important as this. Get ready to stay on top of the trends for Christmas 2021.

From this small introduction we can extract two important data: that thanks to packaging we can attract consumers, and that they have started to make their purchases primarily online. Next, we will look at several trends that will help improve the consumer shopping experience so that you can adapt them to your packaging this Christmas.


Sustainability, an essential detail

Once again, an ecological packaging is one of the requirements that is repeated the most among the public. According to a study carried out by the OCU, 82% of Spaniards affirm that their shopping habits are changing. That is why, now more than ever, consumers continue to request sustainable packaging. It is time to create a positive memory in the minds of consumers through packaging that produces the least impact and the least amount of waste possible.



To make your products as sustainable as possible, you can opt for cardboard or even gray cardboard packaging. These materials are known worldwide for their resistance and versatility, as well as for their rustic appearance that has become, today, the favorite of users. What is clear is that the future passes yes or yes by companies that are committed to responsible packaging with the environment. These boxes can be used to send Christmas packs or kits, make decorated packages, office gifts … An infinity of alternatives that help us create a good festive atmosphere thanks to packaging.

The best thing about these cardboard boxes is that they can be reused once they have fulfilled their function, so giving them a second use is one more point in favor of following a sustainable lifestyle, and more at this time.


Ecommerce and new habits

As we have commented previously, the new normal has brought about new lifestyles, with an update of values and philosophies, so the market has to adapt to the needs of the current consumer. All this has led to a rethinking of both the product and the way it is delivered, and that is where packaging comes in. One of the key points to understand packaging for ecommerce is that it is not the same to think of packaging for online stores as for physical ones. When a package arrives at your home, it has to produce the well-known unboxing effect that must immerse the consumer with a very careful branding and design.



In ecommerce packaging, the one that arrives at the consumer’s home, not only the packaging should be considered, but also the extras that you can add in a shipment. For example, you could print a thank you or congratulation card for these dates, samples of another complementary product, a discount code for the next purchase … An infinity of options so that users feel connected with the brand in some way. All these elements are important to leave a mark on the minds of your clients.

Although it is a small business, a memorable and unique experience can be created through packaging. The key is to take advantage of the shipments to put a personal touch that generates an emotional connection with the consumer, that they remember your brand and your company.


Custom packaging

This step is essential for any business. When it comes to reinforcing corporate branding, a basic element is to have a consistent aesthetic in all communication channels, and that obviously includes packaging. Thanks to the packaging we can offer a lot of information of interest to both the consumer and anyone who sees the design, such as the acclaimed QR code that is currently sweeping.

One way to personalize your packaging so that it attracts attention during these dates is with a Christmas design, especially if it is part of a special edition. Changing the color range of a product and introducing typical Christmas tones awakens curiosity, interest and finally engagement with the consumer. It is a novelty, as well as a limited edition that will not be repeated and that is always attractive, apart from a creative way to stand out from the competition.



As a bonus, something that any type of business can afford on these dates is to adjust the logo and profile images on social networks to include elements related to Christmas and use them throughout the festive season. This will create a connection with the consumer, giving him proximity and closeness to your company.

Now that you know the trends for this Christmas, you can create a packaging that attracts your consumers and creates an unforgettable memory. Keep in mind that the best option for these dates is to be transparent and sincere, always with a Christmas touch that transports us to a world of fantasy and illusion.

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