Flower Packaging

We can’t think of anything that’s trickier to package than flowers. Whenever we have this kind of project, we always feel the need to find something that does justice to the supreme beauty of a flower – a task which is far from easy. Additionally, if we bear in mind the fact that flowers have to arrive in perfect condition, with packaging that doesn’t interfere with their stability, the creation process far more conditioned and limited.
However, creativity and imagination give us the ability to create functional and carefully designed packs which avoid interfering or lowering the quality of the product, which in this case is the flower.
This is why, when coming up with the brief for each project, it’s necessary to outline a series of clear and defined points which allow us to work creatively. For us, the following points are of the utmost importance.

1. The packaging must always be careful and delicate. It is of fundamental importance that a thousand and one tests are carried out in order to check that our design idea will protect and look after the flower. Whatever the material, style, or fastening accessory, if it causes even the slightest bit of damage to the flower, should be discarded.This can create a lot of restrictions in terms of creativity, and therefore, we always recommend starting from this point and then establishing the possible materials and styles.

2. It has to be attractive. When we talk about packaging, we always think of pretty pieces and arrangements for their products, but with flowers, it is even more special and it is necessary to create pretty packaging. You need to have some sort of harmony between the packaging and the object. A good strategy is to incorporate the design of the packaging with the object inside, so that the flower itself becomes part and parcel of the packaging. Since we already have something so pretty, why don’t we take advantage of this and show it off?






3. Practicality. Transporting flowers is complicated in itself, therfore, if we can find a solution within the packaging which allows them to be transported easily, we should go straight to that one. It is advisable to integrate handles into the design or to make use of shapes which can be easily adapted to being carried by hand.














Once we have found the structure which works, all that’s left for us to do is to use our imagination to decorate the packaging in a outstanding way. A flower is very delicate, elegant, etc. so the types of design which should be used are very minimalist and gentle. We recommend that you steer clear from very contrasting prints and floral motives as you don’t want it to compete with the flower.

As you can see, creative packaging can turn a flower into a decorative and reusable object. Long live flowers! And their packaging too.





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