#TrendingPackaging: iridescent creativity

The world of packaging is constantly evolving; continually searching for new ways to catch the customer’s eye and stand out among the competition. One of the latest trends to hit the sector is iridescent packaging.


Iridescence is an optical phenomenon that causes the colour we see to change, as we alter the angle from which we view. This phenomenon can be used to great effect when designing packaging, whose main function is to be visible from any position. This type of eye-catching packaging is intended to be both innovative and more appealing to younger people.


For those interested to know how the effect is achieved – iridescent packaging is painted, at a nanomolecular level, with different quantities of silver paint (for example, in strips). With this technique, when the painted surface is placed in the light, its varying quantities of silver paint then reflect that light in different ways. This means that an array of different colours can be seen all over the packaging.


Some well-known brands such as Dior and Lancôme have already experimented with this technique, resulting in some remarkable packaging. But the market also extends to include less well-known brands, who use the effect to draw attention to their packaged product and make it stand out on the shelf.


Other equally eye-catching designs used by less well-known brands demonstrate the different ways in which the effect can be used, proving that iridescent packaging is no longer the exclusive domain of the cosmetics industry.


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