Beautiful fonts for free, Part II

After the extremely warm welcome our last post recieved about free downloadable fonts, here we are again with more.

The first option we bring you today is a font designed by Christopher J. Lee (not to be confused with Dracula) which comes in nothing less than 6 variations: striped, thicker, thinner- a bit of everything! Beautiful and free, this font is sure to steal your heart. Here it is in all its glory:



You can download this font for free HERE.


Of a similar style, but more slender and thin, with a letter N so cool it will bowl you over, we have another free font designed by Albert Estruch. Ladies and gentleman, here you have it, Blanch:



You can download this font for free HERE.


Now lets change the rhythm to something a little more light and fresh. We therefore present you with the free font Sunday, designed by Anastasia Dimitriadi, just as beautiful as its name:



You can download this font for free HERE.


I have saved handwriting for the end, that’s right, a font written by hand. You have to admit it gives the text personality and makes it a bit more your own, right? The font Lavenderia appears to be written with one of those guidelines we use when we first learn to write:



You can download this font for free HERE.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the font Cookie. This one is very, very interesting as it is from Google Fonts which means internet users from all over the world read it, making it ideal for online publications:



You can download this font for free HERE.


That is all for today, I’m afraid. If you were hoping for more, rest assured we will continue to experiment with our designers and be back soon bringing you more fonts for free. So get writing!

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