Today, and according to data from Dotcom distribution, 52% of users would repeat the purchase if the packaging is elaborate. This means that brands have a great line of communication with their target audience so they can strengthen their image and build customer loyalty.

Now brands spend part of their budget on good experiential packaging strategy though branding.

So what is it exactly?

Branding packaging experience is anything the brand is able to communicate from the moment the client receives the package at home. From the feeling of excitement when they get it (as per usual in E-commerce) to how the slowly find out what additional content their order includes.


A brand that really makes an effort towards customer experience is TrunkClub, a company that from the very beginning went for an amazing online purchase experience. Clients receive the products they buy from their site in a briefcase-shaped box. When they open it, they find a careful presentation of the products with everything nicely slotted in, a bow and handwritten cards.



How to improve your purchase experience

  1. The first impression is important

Try to surprise your client. Create a striking design for your box, combine colours and generate messages. You can create unique structures and even use a variety of materials.



  1. Take care of details!

Everything in your packaging should be connected, both the graphic design and the details you can include inside. The use of strings, fabrics, tissue paper, labels and stickers will become added value to your product and strengthen your brand image. Try to include your logotype or imagetype everywhere you can (as long as it makes sense).




3 Say hello and send a message…

Try to generate a conversation with your consumer. Include kind messages and try to add value, for example, by creating postcards or customised boxes. The box is a blank canvas!



…and say thank you

It is important to thank customers for choosing your brand. It strengthens the message of attention to detail and the client will respond with loyalty. Make the most of these messages by integrating them with marketing campaigns. For example, you can add discount coupons for their next order or a gift to ensure the client will choose to buy from you next time.



  1. Create something special and unique

Try to be original with your shapes and materials. Combine different concepts and use postage to surprise.




  1. Not everything is fair, be honest!


Don’t add unnecessary elements – Everything needs to make sense

Don’t create expectations with the packaging that the product won’t satisfy – The wrong perception can affect the product negatively

Don’t do things half-heartedly – If you are investing in the experience, it shouldn’t just be for certain elements; create invoices and thank you cards under the same idea.

Make sure your idea works – You must think if your users, not in how the social media photo will look. Create a useful experience that makes sense for your type of client.


  1. Encourage your clients to share

Integrate social media campaigns in your packages! Ask your clients to share a photo of their package on social networks. There’s nothing more effective than digital word-of-mouth.

At NeedSuply they know this and have a feed of unboxing images with over 2,000 publications, which translates into about 80,000 impacts.


Whole, use postage as a channel of brand communication with your client, establish a connection and create a sense of belonging with your brand.

Ready to start looking for that “wow” effect?

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