Organic products are becoming increasingly present in our lives. Whether they are here because they are in fashion or because they are a logical solution to environmentally harmful waste, the fact is they are here, and it seems it’s only the beginning. At our design agency, Garrofé, we are rec


Though the hands of Leo Burnett’s agency (Australia) this incredible WWF campaign has been brought to us to make us aware of the plastic and chemical waste of our cleaning products. The idea is based on substituting cleaning products and packaging in the house with alternative and natural packa

Free fonts. Part I

Free fonts are what we are bringing you today. And what is more we have nothing more, nothing less than five of them! They are going to be amazing for your creations. A printed invitation in the feared and hated Comic Sans is no where near the same as using one of these beautiful fonts we are bringi

How to build the internet presence of a brand

Constant innovation and the ability to adapt to changing markets are two indispensable factors for a company in order to evolutionize and grow. Garrofé Brand & Pack is a good example of an agency which has evolutionized according to industry demands and which, having come from a business model

10 free websites for creating colour palettes

Do you like  designing things but crumble when it comes to deciding what colour goes with what? Don't worry, here we bring you 10 free website for creating colour palettes, or for simply inspiring you with what other users have previously created. At the end of the day, getting your inspiration fro