All copies of Structural Greetings completely sold out

The first was Structural Packaging, a complimation of creative packaging designs, downloadable on the accompanying CD. It reached a mere 100,000 units in sales, prompting its translation into Chinese, English and Italian.


Structural Packaging


Following this success, we launched the publication of a new compliation of models, this time display cases and PLV, both stand-up displays and counters. The result, Structural Displays, continues to be an essential industry resource.


Structural displays


Finally, given the demand of these publications, we decided to launch a penultimate compilation: models of pop ups, cards and post cards, with varying levels of difficulty. Structural Greetings was an all round success from the word go and today all editorial prints have completely sold out, prompting us to conduct an internet search where we were suprised to find it it is possible to find it on some second hand sale platforms at three times and in some cases almost four times the original price.



So the thought may have already crossed your mind but if one of you happens to have a copy, hold on to it for dear life as its value is increasing with time.

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