At our lives’ current pace it is more and more common to find people who consume packaged food and processed or just take-away meals. These last ones have grown the most during the last few years. With the help of technology, ordering home deliveries or take-away food has become a frequent and even constant habit in many people’s daily lives.  Because of this growth, he find ourselves facing a new stage in the design of food packaging.

The PVC and aluminum containers restaurants usually used to serve their take-away meals in has become obsolete and evolved to reach limits we couldn’t have dreamed of.  Nowadays we find a wide range of designs and structures that have been developed specifically for take away services. Under this concept, we find exceptionally ingenious packaging, which is visually attractive as well as very functional and it brings great added value to the brand.

These containers, although very creative, must perform their main task; keeping food fresh and in good conditions. That is, these containers must be made using materials that can fulfill all the needs a product such as food may have.

Once the material has been chosen, we must make sure our product is as visible as possible, awakening the attention and appetite of those who still haven’t tasted it.

We share some of the best work we’ve seen in this new creative line so it may inspire you.









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