Free fonts. Part I

Free fonts are what we are bringing you today. And what is more we have nothing more, nothing less than five of them! They are going to be amazing for your creations. A printed invitation in the feared and hated Comic Sans is no where near the same as using one of these beautiful fonts we are bringing you today. And remember this key principle:

There is a font suitable for every situation.

In first place, we present you with the font Cabana, designed by the French man Adrien Coquet. From the rounded ends and imprecise lines, this free font is going to bail you out of any difficult situations:



You can download this font for free HERE.

Next, we present you with a free font which is much more fun, rebellious and flashy. We love giving a flashy touch to our creations, or taking away a bit of romantacism from an image which was too sweet for what we were looking for, right? Well to do this, designed by Vernon Adams, we have Amatic:


You can download this font for free HERE.

Next we have a handwriting font, which imitates manual writing. It is elegant, but with a childish touch, a bit naive. Designed by James T. Edmondson, we present you with the font Mission script:


You can download this font for free HERE.

When you are looking for a free graffiti effect font, roughly finished (but beautifully roughly finished, of course), which looks even better written with a paint brush than with spray paint, we bring you this free font designed by Marcelo Reis:


You can download this font for free HERE.

Finally, if what you need is something stylish, elegant and modern, the coolest font in the place, that makes you think “I still don’t know what this means, but the person who designed it does, that’s for sure,” then this is the free font you need. Designed by Tomaz Leskovec, the font Manifesto gives you a clear and clean effect, no complications, super easy:


You can download this font for free HERE.

And this is where we’re going to leave it for today, but we will come back with more, even better fonts, don’t you worry. If you have any questions about how to download one of these free fonts, or about anything else…comment below, we don’t bite!

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